About Me

Hi! My name is Marina and I love to sew! Welcome to my small corner of a creative life. I share with you my passion in a dress making and other hand craft. Here you can find some useful tips and tutorials in pattern construction and sewing process as well as in a styling. I hope it will help you to find your own way to amazing world of hand craft!

My story

I’ve learned sewing in school during classes for girls…yes, these classes can be useful sometimes. Of course, that time I hated it most. Since my school time was over I’ve never touched sewing machine. However, I used to dress unique because it was normal in our family to order the cloth in tailor shop. I moved far away from home, have finished university, even got a PhD degree and discovered the world of historical reconstruction. During this time I tried first time to sew my medieval dress. I have spent a lot of time to study history of fashion, cloth and materials and I finally did my first hand-made dress! It was awesome but I would never sew again tens meters of fabric by hand! I bought a sewing machine and since then I make dresses and have a lot of fun! The experience which I’ve got during the historical reconstruction surely has influence on my dress design. I love body-long dresses, long skirts and work mostly with natural materials, because I like the feeling of the materials on my skin.
Beside the sewing I like photography, dancing and rock climbing, trekking and traveling. I enjoy the freedom of moving and this freedom inspire me for the creativity. I also love cooking, this is my way of meditation and sometimes also do some other kind of hand craft for fun.